About DOIs

A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a unique identifier used to ensure permanent access to the digital version of a paper or data via citations. Even if the location of the paper on the internet changes (resulting in broken URLs), readers will still be able to find it by using the DOI.

doi exampleAll Ubiquity Press DOIs appear at the top of the paper.

How to use DOIs

Locating papers

There are three ways to find a paper with a DOI:

a) If the DOI is a link, simply click on it.
b) Go to http://dx.doi.org, and enter the DOI there.
c) Change the DOI into a URL by adding this to the front: http://dx.doi.org/ and enter it in your web browser.

Citing papers

If a paper has a DOI, please always add this to the end of your reference, and make it a link if you can. This will add value to your paper by helping readers access the reference in future. For example:

Gill, D. W. J. 2009 Looting matters for classical antiquities: contemporary issues in archaeological ethics. Present Pasts 1: 77-104, doi:10.5334/pp.14.