Open Access eBooks

Ubiquity Press eBooksUbiquity Press books are fully open access, because we believe that monograph authors should also receive the maximum dissemination of their work. This is especially important for increasing the impact of research in disciplines such as the humanities, where a high proportion of work is distributed in book form.

We publish both individual and series books, all fully peer reviewed, and also support other university presses with the transition to e-publishing.

Accessing published eBooks

Our eBooks platform is under development, so in the meantime content will be shared via the Directory of Open Access Books.

Fully open access (text and data)

All of our titles are freely available online without restriction, widely indexed and fully accessible to a global audience. Authors are encouraged to make the data underlying their research openly available and to link to it from their books.

Multiple formats and devices

Ubiquity Press ebook content will be available in all major formats including epub, PDF, HTML and Kindle. Content will also be available optimised for mobile devices. Readers will be able to download either an entire book or individual chapters, depending on their needs.

Researcher recognition

All individually authored items (i.e. books, chapters, data) will be citable using DOIs. Citations will be tracked, which will enable authors to take credit for their book publications in the same way they currently do with journal articles. This is especially important for disciplines such as the humanities where over 50% of research outputs can be in book form, and will help UK researchers to better articulate their impact for the REF exercise.

Print on demand

All content will be available through print on demand, and readers will be able to order either entire books, individual chapters, or individually selected compilations.

Rapid publishing

The majority of academic publishers take too long to get researchers’ work to the public. Once a book’s content has passed peer review and final copy has been supplied, Ubiquity Press undertakes to publish within one month. We also offer the possibility of publishing by chapter.


Books and chapters will be published with processing fees similar to those used for journals, based on the size of the work. These fees will be paid either by the author, their funder, or institution, and can be waived or discounted depending on the circumstances of the author.

All online content will be available free of charge to anyone, while print on demand will be charged for and a percentage of the income from this will be returned to the authors. For more information, see: www.ubiquitypress.com/about