Publish with us

Publish with us

At Ubiquity Press we believe that academic publishing is about achieving the widest possible dissemination of research, with the maximum benefit for authors, and in a transparent, cost-effective manner. If you are interested in starting or transferring an existing journal, or publishing a book, please contact us and we will be happy to explore this with you. We believe that the control of publishing should be maintained by researchers, and we therefore especially support publishing by academic societies and university presses. We also recognize the value of research data and software, and provide important solutions to enable their publication.


Open access for societies

Gain maximum impact with open access, without giving up on revenue

Whether your society is small, with 2-3 journals, or has a large portfolio of journals and books, Ubiquity Press can provide it with a fully rebranded, professional publishing presence. We provide you with a fully open access service to ensure the widest possible dissemination and impact of your members’ work, while also offering you a range of ways to continue to earn vital revenue from its operation. As our base APC is set at a highly cost-efficient £250 (€290/$390), societies can afford to charge a fee on top of this to generate income, while still remaining price competitive. Even with a £750 additional fee for example, a society could easily still be charging around half the standard APC of its competitors, but still be bringing in sufficient income to sustain its operations. To find out more hosting your society’s publishing operations with Ubiquity Press, please contact our team.


Open access for universities

A fully rebranded, sustainable and professional publishing service

University Presses play an essential role in academic publishing, having a closer relationship with researchers and a better understanding of their needs, which is not always the case with other publishers. Many universities and their libraries are considering starting new presses in response to this demand, but in difficult economic times many established university presses are also being forced to close down due to funding difficulties. Ubiquity Press can provide your institution with a fully featured and completely rebranded platform hosting academic journals and books, and including all systems required to manage and operate the press. We take care of the technical and production side of things, freeing you to focus on what you do best – supporting your researchers and helping them to disseminate their work as widely as possible, with the status and prestige of your own institutional imprint. By leveraging the scalability and existing operations of the Ubiquity Press platform, this is a fully sustainable and highly affordable option that enables universities to take back control of publishing. To find out more about running a press at your university with Ubiquity Press, please contact our team.


Open data and open software

Opening up valuable research data and software for reuse

Ubiquity Press Metajournals provide a fully open access way to discover research resources that are spread across multiple locations and usually hard to find. Our meta papers reward authors for openly archiving their research datasets, software and reports, through citation and impact tracking. By doing so they also enable new and more efficient research, new collaborations, and use by the public (e.g. for teaching and journalism). To find out more about publishing your research data, please visit our metajournals platform.