Statement on the Research Works Act

29 January 2012

Ubiquity Press strongly opposes the Research Works Act H.R. 3699 currently being considered by the US Congress. This bill would remove the requirement for federally funded research to be made publicly available and be a major setback for open access publishing.

Ubiquity Press believes that open access to research information is not only vital to the advancement of science, but also essential for the public as a whole. Similarly, open access to information in areas such as medicine and agriculture currently contributes significantly to improving the quality of life, and saving lives, in the developing world.

It is at the expense of these people that this bill aims to protect the revenues of large publishers operating closed, subscription-based models at around 30-40% profit margins.

We pledge that we will continue to publish all of our content as open access, and to ensure that it is distributed to the widest possible audience. If like us you believe in open access to publicly-funded research, we strongly recommend signing the following petitions:

For everyone:

For US Citizens: