Open Access for SocietiesWe were born open and electronic, and our highly cost-efficient journals and books platform enables societies to switch to open access while still generating income and maintaining a competitive advantage.

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Open Access for UniversitiesWith our university press platform we take care of infrastructure, development and production, allowing your library and university to focus on providing the press as a service, and gaining an institutional reputation.

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Data publicationUbiquity Press Metajournals feature peer reviewed papers that promote discovery, reuse and citation of research outputs such as data and software. Publish your data and software to create new collaborations and to increase the impact of your work.

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Ubiquity Press is Led by Researchers

Researcher Led

Ubiquity Press was founded by researchers, for researchers. We actively work within the research community to develop new models of publishing.

Ubiquity Press Open Access

Open Access

Our journals are fully open access. We enable researchers and the wider public around the world to find and access the information they need, without barriers.

Ubiquity Press Author Support

Author Support

Helping authors to raise the quality of articles is key. We offer essential feedback through editorial support and comprehensive peer review.

Ubiquity Press Rapid Publication

Rapid Publication

Quick and efficient publication is in the interest of authors and the public. We strip away outdated publishing practices to remove the frustration of delays.

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