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  • Past in the Present

    A Living Heritage Approach - Meteora, Greece

    Ioannis Poulios

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    The Past in the Present deals with the complexities in the operation and management of living heritage sites. It presents a new interpretation of such sites based on the concept of continuity, and its evolution to the present. It is demonstrated that the current theoretical framework and practice of conservation, as best epitomised in a values-based approach and the World Heritage concept, is based on discontinuity created between the monuments (considered to belong to the past) and the people of the present, thus seemingly unable to embrace living heritage sites. From this position, the study suggests an innovative approach that views communities and sites as an inseparable entity: a Living Heritage Approach. This approach brings a new insight into key concepts such as authenticity and sustainable development. Through the use of the monastic site of Meteora, Greece, as a case study, the discussion generated aims to shift the focus of conservation from ‘preservation’ towards a continual process of ‘creation’ in an ongoing present, attempting to change the way heritage is perceived, protected and, more importantly, further created.

    Book Reviews (5):

      Review from 01 Dec 2015: Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development
      News and reviews

      Johan J. Swart

      Paulios unpacks and develops the idea of “living heritage” within the formal conservation management context, where the relationship between community, conservation, and tourism is problematic and the need to develop increasingly dynamic and integ...

      The full review cannot be displayed due to copyright restrictions. You can read the full review at Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development

      Review from 12 Nov 2014: Amazon.co.uk
      Academically rigorous approach of living heritage in Meteora - Greece

      Evi Mascha

      The author has tackled a difficult matter and presents successfully an anlternative methodology to the Living Heritage Approach. The book is a must-read for both professionals and amateurs on the subject matter. The use of econography maps out the important historical and social changes which have taken place in Meteora and helps the reader go through these changes easily. The writing is fluent and vivid and it is certainly a highly recommended piece of work!

      Review from 09 Jun 2015: Amazon.co.uk
      A must read for anyone who has been to Meterora and left with a thirst for wanting to know more

      Irene Maragos

      An easy read, Ioannis presents the heritage conservation issues of Meteora through evidence based research and explains his living heritage approach as a means for a long term sustainable solution to the management of heritage sites. The Past in the Present is a true eye opener on the challenges faced by the monastic communities what with the rise in tourism and businesses affecting the site's living character.

      Review from 26 Sep 2014: Amazon.co.uk
      A brilliant account on an extremely complicated subject matter


      A brilliant account on an extremely complicated subject matter. An insightful examination of what makes heritage valuable and of the human aspect of heritage - which after all is what really matters. An excellent heritage textbook.

      Review from 02 Oct 2014: Amazon.co.uk
      An excellent study on approaching heritage with a different view


      An excellent study on approaching heritage with a different view. Great choice of Meteora as an example, thorough and realistic ideas about the perception of heritage, future potential and best utilisation. Highly recomended.


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    Poulios, I. 2014. Past in the Present: A Living Heritage Approach - Meteora, Greece. London: Ubiquity Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5334/bak

    This is an Open Access book distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (unless stated otherwise), which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Copyright is retained by the author(s).

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    Published on 07 Aug 2014







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