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  • A Stakeholders’ Analysis of Airbnb in London and Barcelona

    Cristina Miguel, Rodrigo Perez-Vega

    Chapter from the book: Travlou P. & Ciolfi L. 2022. Ethnographies of Collaborative Economies across Europe: Understanding Sharing and Caring.

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    Airbnb not only has transformed the hospitality industry but also has created wider economic change in adjacent industries and in society in general. Because of this, many stakeholders are now trying to proactively shape the evolution of such platforms, as reflected by numerous actions by policymakers, industry representatives, media outlets and the public across the world. This chapter reports on a city-based case study (London and Barcelona) and examines the experiences and views of relevant stakeholders in the Airbnb sphere: hosts, guests, Airbnb public policy managers, rental apartment companies, council representatives and other local authorities. The barriers and opportunities for ethical practice were also identified and reported according to the views of these stakeholders. By using in-depth interviews and focus groups, this chapter gathers perspectives from a wide range of stakeholders on the perceived impact of Airbnb in two European cities that are major tourist destinations.

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    Miguel C. & Perez-Vega R. 2022. A Stakeholders’ Analysis of Airbnb in London and Barcelona. In: Travlou P. & Ciolfi L (eds.), Ethnographies of Collaborative Economies across Europe. London: Ubiquity Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5334/bct.m

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    Published on Dec. 30, 2022


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