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    The Ubiquity Partner Network

    The Ubiquity Partner Network (UPN) is made up of fully independent university and society presses. By sharing the same infrastructure and back office services, the presses are able to run cost-efficiently and sustainably. UPN also provides an opportunity to share peer reviewers, resources and experience, and to cascade content between presses, all of which result in much greater efficiency. The presses also contribute members to the UPN Steering Board, which determines the direction of the overall platform.

    The first presses on the platform launched in 2014 and due to strong demand the network has been expanding ever since. Please contact us if your institution or society is interested in participating.

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    The Service

    Partner Presses have their own fully re-branded websites, presenting the books, journals and data they publish in one place (see examples).

    Front Office

    The university or society runs the front office operations of the press, with support from us. This typically involves the following activities:

    Back Office

    We run the entire back office system for you on the UPN infrastructure, and provide a full stack of publishing services, as follows:


    Partner Presses

    The Finnish Literature Society (SKS) makes its English-language academic series, Studia Fennica, as well as a selection of Finnish-language research publications available in open access. The Studia Fennica series includes works from the fields of anthropology, ethnology, folklore studies, history, literature and linguistics. SKS does its part in ensuring that the results of Finnish humanities research are also effectively disseminated internationally. Established in 1831, SKS is Finland's oldest operating publisher. Today, SKS is Finland’s largest humanities scholarly publisher.



    Kriterium is a collaboration providing a shared open access monographs platform and services for consortium of Swedish universities, academic publishers and institutions. Currently in a pilot phase, the consortium comprises Gothenburg University, Lund University, Uppsala University, Nordic Academic Press, Macadam publishers, and representatives from the Swedish Research Council, the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation and the National Library.


    KSHIP is an Open Access Publisher of peer reviewed open access books, journals and other forms of academic publishing. We are a part of Ubiquity Press’s partner network of university open access publishing. KSHIP is a lot of things - it means ‘inspired’ in Sanskrit, our institute IIT Indore is on the banks of the Kshipra river and it expands to Knowledge Sharing in Publishing.


    The Latin America Research Commons (LARC) is a portal for cutting-edge, fully open access research on Latin America.

    Funded by LASA, LARC is dedicated to ensuring the widest possible dissemination of monographs and journals in all disciplines relating to Latin American studies. Its principal languages of publication are Spanish and Portuguese, and its primary goal is to ensure that researchers from around the world will be able to find and access the research they need without economic or geographic barriers. 




    Modern Academic Publishing (MAP) is a publisher of humanities monographs and journals drawn from the best work at the Universities of Cologne and Munich.



    The Open Library of Humanities aims to provide a platform for Open Access publishing that is:



    Penn State University Press is the publishing arm of the Pennsylvania State University and a division of the Penn State University Libraries and Scholarly Communications. As a member of the Ubiquity Partner Network, PSUP is exploring new initiatives in open access publishing.



    Sri Lankan Journals Online (SLJOL) is a database of journals published in Sri Lanka, covering the full range of academic disciplines. The objective of SLJOL is to give greater visibility to the participating journals, and to the research they convey. It is managed by the National Science Federation of Sri Lanka and was developed in collaboration with INASP.



    Stockholm University Press (SUP) is an open access publisher of peer-reviewed, academic journals, and books. We aim to make journals and books affordable, and to give them the widest possible dissemination so that researchers around the world can find and access the information they need without barriers.

    In partnership with our authors and series editors, we publish in the humanities, social sciences and the natural sciences. Our main focal points are rigorous peer review, open access and global dissemination.

    Website | Contact


    Ubiquity Press is an open access publisher of peer-reviewed, academic journals. Our flexible publishing model makes journals and books affordable, and enables researchers around the world to find and access the information they need, without barriers.

    Website | Contact


    The Library of the UOC is responsible for publishing the scholar open access journals of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. They focus on art, science and technology, sociology, history and culture, law and politics and knowledge society.
    They aim to:



    The new open access arm of University of California Press, with three exciting new initiatives for journal and book publishing. Collabra: Psychology is the mission-driven Open Access journal that shares not only the research but also the value created by the academic community. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene is a trans-disciplinary Open Access journal that aims to accelerate scientific solutions to the challenges presented by this era of human impact. Luminos is University of California Press’ new Open Access publishing program for monographs. With the same high standards for selection, peer review, production and marketing as our traditional program, Luminos is a transformative model, built as a partnership where costs and benefits are shared.

    Collabra: Psychology (journal)  | Elementa (journal) | Luminos website (books)


    The University of Westminster Press (UWP) is an open access publisher of high quality, peer-reviewed, academic publications. Covering disciplines ranging from the natural sciences to the creative arts, and in formats including journals, conference papers, books and monographs, we make rigorously peer-reviewed research freely and widely available on an affordable and sustainable basis. The UWP reflects the University’s commitment to both excellence and impact in research, ensuring its highest quality work is made available to benefit audiences in a global context, and to advancing the development of open access academic publishing.



    Uopen Journals provides a publishing platform for ambitious researchers or recently formed editorial boards (Utrecht related) that wish to publish an online open access journal. Editors managing existing journals that would like to make the switch to open access or expand in open access are suitable for our platform as well.

    Website | Information and contact


    White Rose University Press (WRUP) is a new open access digital publisher of peer-reviewed academic journals and books, publishing across a wide range of academic disciplines. We are run jointly by the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York.

    WRUP is committed to open access dissemination of research and teaching materials, ensuring academic quality, and supporting innovation in publishing.