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    Hosted Repositories

    Let’s create a researcher focused repository together.
    No lock-in ✱ Cloud-based ✱ Open Source ✱ ]u[ integrated


    Repository options

    Hyku and Invenio. Hyku is community-developed as a turnkey Samvera application and Invenio is developed by CERN. Both systems are modern, attractive and well-suited for both traditional and non-traditional content. Bring together your theses, articles, research data, and software under one high-quality repository.


    No lock-in

    All repositories we host will be fully open source. We guarantee to transfer the entire installation to a host of your choice if you decide to switch platforms. We’re developing our community governance model in consultation with librarians, customers, and stakeholders to reflect the values of the open community.



    Our repositories will be fully hosted in the cloud with full backup and long-term preservation. This will reduce the need for both complex infrastructure and providing in-house technical resources with the appropriate expertise. 


    Fully integrated

    We are bringing our approach to promoting published content to the repository for greater dissemination and raising your institution’s scholarly profile. Our repositories will be fully integrated with our publishing and conference systems. Articles, preprints, books and chapters can be automatically deposited at any stage of publication. Research data and software associated with publications can also be deposited to your repository during the publication process. 



    After the pilot phase our standard platform fee will include the hosted repository option with additional charges only for large research data storage.   


    If you’d like to get more information about a spring 2018 repository pilot, please get in touch.